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Ikea’s regional distribution centre in the UAE ... a Kirby project.

Ikea’s regional distribution centre in the UAE ... a Kirby project.

PEB expert boosts regional presence

July 2016

Realising its great potential, Kirby Building Systems has its eyes set on new markets in Africa while embarking on an aggressive growth strategy in the Gulf region.

Kirby Building Systems, a global leader in pre-engineered steel building (PEB) systems, plans to make significant efforts to expand its footprint in the African market and solidify its presence in its existing GCC markets through value proposition.

“We will be focusing on the African market more aggressively as we continue to believe in its strong potential,” says James Minato, senior general manager, Kirby-MEA (Middle East and Africa). “Currently, we are creating new channels and deepening our footprint in the existing GCC market and eyeing new markets in Africa.”

He adds: “We are partners with our customers and not just a supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings. We understand their requirements, and work along with them from the very early stages of a project and throughout the project cycle using a design-build approach, hence providing true value proposition.”

Kirby has five plants in all, two in the Middle East – located in Kuwait and Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) – two in India (Hyderabad and Haridwar), and one in Vietnam, which contribute a total annual capacity of 425,000 tonnes.

The Honda car and bike showroom in Kuwait and TRH Office Building in Tanzania (right) ... PEBs by Kirby.

The Honda car and bike showroom in Kuwait and TRH Office Building in Tanzania (right) ... PEBs by Kirby.

A few of Kirby’s major PEB projects recently executed in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region include a Lulu hypermarket in Qatar; Ikea’s regional distribution centre and warehouses for the Landmark group in Dubai, UAE; Honda car and bike showrooms in Kuwait; Sabaya Shopping Mall in Jizan, and Al Nariyah Workshop Works of the North–South Railway Project in Saudi Arabia; Pepsi bottling plant in Sudan; and the TRH office building in Tanzania.

The company’s research and development (R&D) department is constantly working towards improving existing offerings and introducing innovations to a market that has become increasingly competitive and demanding.

“We are pioneers in the industry. We have one of the most experienced engineering teams, a manufacturing capacity that ranks among the top five worldwide, and are globally located across three continents. We provide customers a metal construction solution to suit to their regional or global needs through our vast sales offices and certified builders network,” says Minato.

Kirby holds a distinguished status in the global PEB sector, thanks to its expertise, innovativeness, high operational standards and high level of customer satisfaction.

Minato notes that architectural aesthetics have increasingly driven the development of PEBs in the commercial sector, unlike in the warehousing field. This means that PEB manufacturers have had to adapt to requirements through innovation.

He further highlights that Kirby has excelled in keeping pace with the changing markets and today it has become not the traditional pre-engineered supplier, but a flexible company that has transitioned into a provider of a metal construction product that seamlessly blends with aesthetically appealing finishing components.

“We are on an innovation journey that is creating a true value, which we always share with our partners, contractors and consultants,” concludes Minato.

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