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Mitsubishi clocks fastest elevator speed

July 2016

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation says it has achieved the fastest elevator speed in the world – of 1,230 m per minute or 20.5 m per second – by developing new elevator technologies.

The new technologies will be installed on one of three elevators at China’s tallest building, the 632-m Shanghai Tower.

A spokesman for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation explains: “The record-breaking speed was achieved through the development of new equipment, including a control panel that can maximise the traction machine’s performance, and improvements of safety devices such as the speed governor, brake device and buffer. Once the elevator is equipped with the new technologies, it can travel from the second-level basement to the 119th floor in just 53 seconds.”

While Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge technologies drastically increase the speed, the elevator also delivers enhanced safety, top-level riding comfort, silence and power saving, he says.

Shanghai Tower is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade District of Pudong, Shanghai. It houses offices, a hotel, conference and exhibition halls, restaurants and facilities for commerce, culture and sightseeing. It is owned by Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Company.

The elevators are manufactured at the Inazawa Works facility of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and installed by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company.

“One of the three elevators servicing the observation deck will use the new speed technologies because of the elevator’s hoistway dimension supports the installation. The operator at Shanghai Tower will have the option of switching speeds between 1,080 and 1,230 m per minute according to actual passenger traffic conditions,” says the spokesman.

Amongst the features of the world’s fastest elevators is a traction wire rope and travelling cable designed for extraordinarily long travel. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric, the traction wire rope features a new structure and offers more strength than conventional steel wire rope of the same mass.

The traction machine and control panels offer enhanced driving and control accuracy. The traction machine incorporates an energy-efficient permanent magnet motor and safety-oriented brake system. Meanwhile, a parallel-drive system of two control panels makes use of regenerated power for energy saving.

The active roller guide effectively reduces horizontal vibration due to a slight rail warp or wind pressure and streamlined car fairings reduce noise generated by air flow around cars. An air pressure control device adjusts air pressure within the car during high-speed travelling, reducing passenger discomfort.

The elevators are also equipped with telescopic buffer, safety gears and speed governor to ensure added safety. These safety devices ensure reliable braking for ultra-high-speed and super-long travel elevators, even in emergencies.

With over 90 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognised world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment. The company recorded consolidated group sales of $38.8 billion in the fiscal year that ended in March 2016.

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