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Bin Faqeeh unveils luxury homes plan in Bahrain

July 2016

Bin Faqeeh has unveiled a five-year plan for new limited edition luxury projects in Bahrain. The privately-owned real estate investment company has officially launched the plan known as the Limited 5, which entails the launch of an exclusive limited edition luxury project each year for five years, starting last year.

The Limited 5 plan commenced with the development of an exclusive residential apartment building with a commercial shopping front on the ground floor known as Waterbay, situated in the prime location of Bahrain Bay facing the Four Seasons Hotel.

The design concept is to create a homely yet high-end luxury accommodation that is synonymous with comfort and draws similarity to a superior hotel lifestyle experience. An aerial view of the glassed property resembles a yacht that sparkles in the sun with an ultimate chic and premium architectural design.

The wide corridors create an illusion of a five-star hotel, while the rooftop houses a running track with the most breath-taking view of Bahrain’s skyline and the sea. Other facilities include a swimming pool, gyms segregated for men and women, prayer rooms, movie theatres, nursery, multi-purpose rooms, restaurants and coffee shops with delivery.

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