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Wakeham ... right solution.

Wakeham ... right solution.

Tremco tape seals windows smartly

May 2016

Tremco illbruck Middle East, a provider of high-performance sealing, bonding, flooring, waterproofing, and passive fire protection for the construction and manufacturing sector, recently showcased an intelligent way of sealing windows, at a leading construction event in Dubai, UAE.

The TP650 illmod Trio, as it is called, was promoted at the Windows and Façade Technical Conference held in March.

Fast and simple to apply, it is an impregnated polyurethane foam tape providing three levels of sealing for windows and doors, affording weatherproofing, thermal and acoustic efficiency and airtightness whilst allowing the building to breathe, says Stuart Wakeham, sales director Middle East/Africa/India for tremco illbruck.

He continues: “From a sustainability and energy-saving perspective, windows and doors are the weakest link in the building if not properly sealed. Choosing the right material to seal windows and doors is not always easy since there are many factors to be considered.”

The Windows and Façade Technical Conference aimed to educate and explore with developers, architects, other consultants the challenges, opportunities, regulations and innovative sustainable solutions available for windows and façades.

Tremco illbruck’s presentation focused on helping architects and contractors to select the right weather- and fire-sealing solution for the window and door application.

The company recently added Nullifire, a leading brand for passive fire protection and hybrid sealants to its products portfolio. The move is aimed at greatly enhancing its levels of customer support and significantly reducing both response times and lead times.

Nullifire is a core brand within the Tremco illbruck group and has been installed by the construction industry worldwide for more than 40 years.

“This year we are launching Nullifire SC901, a unique, patented water-based intumescent coating for steel structures. This single-component, single-application, fast-cure coating is touch dry in one hour, requires no priming and is fire rated for 120 minutes,” says Wakeham.

Aligned to building regulations, hybrid sealants are the latest in sealant technology that combine the strength of polyurethanes with the weather resistance of silicones,” he adds.

Manufactured in the UK, Nullifire is fully compliant with international and local standards and is approved by the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Civil Defence authorities. Its products are readily available in stock at its new DIP facility and are fully supported locally by an exceptional technical and commercial team.

“Now with local stock available, Nullifire can supply immediately, meaning no hold-ups on site and, besides local stock availability, the company has also invested in local technical support, enabling the correct solutions to be offered without delay by qualified engineers. Of course, the local office still enjoys full technical support from head office in the UK,” he concludes.

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