Saudi Arabia

Officials at the launch of Hempel’s new brand identity.

Officials at the launch of Hempel’s new brand identity.


May 2016

Hempel Paints Saudi Arabia has rebranded itself, with the event coinciding with the first year anniversary of opening its biggest regional showroom in Riyadh.

One year on, this strategically located showroom has successfully catered to the needs of its customers, in an area that accommodates the highest number of real estate needs.

Commenting on the celebration, Ahmed Abdulaziz, Hempel’s area sales and marketing director in the Middle East, says: “Hempel has received a unique turnout of its customers. Since its opening in April of last year, the showroom has managed to record staggering results and the store has seen increased footfall.”

Abdulaziz attributes this success to Hempel Paints’ focus on quality, driven by global standards, and the ability of its products to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the region.

Commenting on the brand’s new identity, Malte Eggers, Hempel’s group communication director, says: “The Helix, used in Hempel’s new logo, symbolises layers and motions of mixing coatings, while also indicating global interconnection as it integrates all of Hempel’s visual identity into one feel. And as the world becomes more connected, so does the need for our businesses to operate, expand and appear as one unified Hempel.”

The showroom in Riyadh has promoted the concept of sustainable paints through the introduction of special products developed and tailored to the Middle East’s severe weather conditions. One of these is the Contex range.

Available in a variety of finishes and textures which can prolong the life span of concrete surfaces, the Contex range promises protection in a large range of attractive colours. The products are accredited with certificates from global test centres, according to Abdulaziz.

The Contex range uses advanced technology and is suited for buildings and bridges.

Meanwhile, Hempel’s Strata flooring range meets the most demanding specifications – with an eye on sustainability and lifecycle costing. This is a high-quality range of multi-layer flooring systems and coatings for the ultimate protection of concrete floors, he adds.

Present in more than 80 countries, Hempel is a global company that specialises in the production of coatings and paints for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets, and has become a true global powerhouse and world-leader in the coating industry. The group services the paint market through its showrooms while also catering to the requirements of large companies and contractors around the country through its network of independent distributors and mega-projects sales teams.

Hempel has been in Saudi Arabia for more than 40 years, and is considered as one of the leading decorative paints providers in the kingdom. It has a dominant stake in the Saudi market and has contributed to the preservation of many vital buildings in various Saudi cities through its technologically advanced products.

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