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Arora ... eye on growth.

Arora ... eye on growth.

Remarkable growth

May 2016

Jotun Powder Coatings Saudi Arabia has seen remarkable growth over the past year with its capacity having increased by 35 per cent following a complete upgrade of its main factory in Dammam.

The expansion has included installing new production lines to cater to the ever-increasing demand from its customers. In addition, the company has also acquired another factory in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea port city of Jeddah in order to provide solutions more efficiently to customers across the kingdom, according to Maneesh Arora, general manager.

The paints and coatings specialist has been growing steadily in Saudi Arabia since its establishment over 20 years ago. Its annual capacity has been expanded almost fourfold to 15,000 tonnes, up from 4,000 tonnes when Jotun first arrived in the kingdom in 1995.

Over the years, the company has built a sound reputation in the Saudi market. Its customer portfolio includes some of the biggest names in the architectural aluminium industry, industrial manufacturers of appliances, air-conditioners and other metal products, pipe fabricators for the oil, gas and water industries as well as manufacturers of coated steel reinforcement bars.

“We believe in long-term commitments, which has always helped to strengthen our relationship with our customers and position ourselves as their trusted business partner,” Arora tells Gulf Construction.

Jotun Powder Coatings (JPC), part of the Jotun Group, is a leading supplier of powder coatings used in industries related to appliances, furniture, building components, pipelines and general industries.

“Our powder coatings are preferred for their ability to improve efficiency of customers’ application lines; for their aesthetic appeal combined with long-term durability; and for the reliability of products as well as technical service,” says Arora.

In the architectural projects sector, JPC works very closely with consultants, façade designers, local and international architectural aluminium and glass system suppliers, contractors and coaters.

In the powder coatings industry, the assumption that one solution fits all does not hold true, he adds. “Every solution is developed keeping in mind the customer/product requirements, application process and design of the application line. On this basis, we have developed a fully equipped technical service department, which is headed by our technical manager Sachin Pednekar and works in close co-operation with our laboratory and customers to develop products that meet their needs.”

Jotun’s qualified and experienced technicians regularly visit all application lines to support customers and guide them with the best practices to ensure quality application of its products.

“We also regularly conduct our Jotun Powder School – a medium of communication highly appreciated by the industry for its depth and knowledge – to train technical staff in our customers’ plants on state-of-the-art knowledge and practice,” says Pednekar.

JPC offers a wide product portfolio to its clients in Saudi Arabia which includes:

• Jotun Super Durable, which combines aesthetics and functionality to allows clients to realise and implement the boldest ideas, according to Arora. Specially formulated to endure the test of time and the elements, Jotun Super Durable is well suited to withstand harsh levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, fluctuating levels of humidity, temperature variations and other severe weather conditions. It offers multiple colours, gloss levels and special effects so clients can choose the finish that best encompasses the essence of their design.

• Cool Shades: This collection includes a range of heat-reflective architectural powder coatings that have been specially formulated to reduce the temperature of aluminium building components exposed to the sun. Using innovative technology, this range helps reduce energy consumption of the buildings and improve indoor comfort. The collection is suitable for window frames, curtain-walls, shutters, louvres, wall panels and other building components, and can be supplied in a wide range of colours to match the clients’ vision.

• Aurora: This collection provides a rich organic and luxurious finesse to modern-day structures. By hiding die lines and substrate imperfections, it ensures high-quality and consistent finishing. Moreover, thanks to the excellent chemical resistance of powder compared to alternative technologies, the coated structures are easier to clean and maintain, cutting down on the need for repair and rework, and extending their life-cycle.

• Jotun Durasol: Engineered to withstand the intensity of ultraviolet (UV) light, soaring temperatures, various levels of humidity, dirt pick-up and other environmental challenges, Jotun Durasol meets the highest industry standards, says Arora. “By guaranteeing the highest attainable level of weathering resistance, in combination with easy single-coat application and VOC (volatile organic compounds)-free content, Jotun Durasol offers an economical and sustainable alternative to PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) liquid systems. The product is certified according to Qualicoat Class 3 standard and has weathering performance in line with AAMA 2605.”

Jotun has been active in introducing many innovative solutions to customers based on specific industry needs, and has always aspired to improve productivity and performance.

“We work closely with consultants and architects to offer specific products that meet their project requirements,” says Essam Aridi, specifications manager, JPC. Citing an example, he says: “While Guard Miles+ improves the efficiency of the client’s application line, Guard Endure+ improves efficiency and reduces the rejection rate of furniture manufacturers.

“The Cool Shades collection provides long-term durability while reducing energy usage in the structure, thus enhancing its sustainability; and the Aurora collection provides a sustainable powder coating solution to the anodising process, which is an older, energy-intensive technology. These are in addition many more internal powder coating solutions specifically for the oil, gas and water pipeline industry to improve pumping efficiency and prevent corrosion.”

Arora says Saudi Arabia remains one of the largest construction markets in the region with high potential.

“There are people who express concerns regarding low oil prices and project delays. But we see these as short-term issues. In the long term, prospects for Saudi Arabia continue to be positive and attractive,” he comments. “Jotun has been operating in the kingdom for more than 30 years, of which the powder business has been active for more than 20 years. During this period, the company has seen several business cycles. Our long history in the kingdom as well as our long-term vision and commitment has taught us not to be too influenced by short-term trends.”

JPC Saudi Arabia, which has been involved in prestigious projects in the kingdom including Princess Nora University, King Saud University, Gosi Business Park and King Fahad Medical Hospital, now continues to see its products utilised on a string of landmark developments.

The company is currently supplying to projects such as Golden Towers, Al Waseel Hills, Sofitel Hotel – all supplied with the Super Durable coating – and King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.

The Jotun Group is a matrix organisation divided into seven regions responsible for the sale of decorative paints and performance coatings (marine, protective and powder coatings). The company has 37 production facilities in 21 countries, 63 companies in 45 countries and is represented in more than 100 countries around the world.

“Jotun focuses on the fundamental aspects of running a good and healthy business – developing our people in line with our core values of loyalty, care, respect and boldness; maintaining good, long-term relationships with customers and government authorities; understanding customer needs and developing innovative solutions to meet them; and providing strong technical service to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the experience of interacting with us and using our products.

“We believe that these are the elements that lie at the roots of our success and which will enable us to meet the future with confidence,” Arora concludes.

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