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Oman to spend $5.4bn on 49 road projects

March 2016

Oman’s government is presently working on 49 road projects worth RO2.1 billion ($5.43 billion), in addition to roundabouts, flyovers and tunnels, said a report, citing official data.

Of this, more than 10 road projects will be completed this year, making travel across various sectors in Oman a lot easier and faster, reported the Times of Oman.

This includes the Bid Bid-Sur Road, a portion of the Al Batinah Expressway, the Al Rustaq mountain road, and roads connecting Nizwa to Ibri (second stage), Mahda to Al Rawda in Buraimi, Sinaw to Mahoot and to Duqm, Dhank Road to Al Khabib, Samad Al Shan to Wadi Indam, Qutbait to Marsud Road and Camel Race Road in Adam, Al Dakhiliyah, it stated.

Besides this, several interior roads and tunnels will be constructed in Al Mudhabi and Al Batinah.

Meanwhile, seven projects for the construction of junctions at roads are under execution at a total cost of RO7.5 million ($19.4 million).

With the opening of a portion of the Al Batinah Expressway this year, the travel time to the UAE will be considerably reduced, stated the report. The new road will reduce the gridlock, which motorists are currently facing while travelling to neighbouring countries, he added.

Meanwhile, Oman may focus on building a domestic rail network rather than connecting its railways to the GCC regional system, because of uncertainty over when the regional project will go ahead, transport minister Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi said.

As a result, he added, Oman might change its focus from using its railways to distribute imports of goods around the region via the proposed GCC network, to facilitating Oman’s seaborne exports of items such as raw materials.

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