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Mundus ... patch fitting for glass.

Mundus ... patch fitting for glass.

Dorma innovations a ‘breath of fresh air’

January 2016

Following their merger, Dorma and Kaba have launched innovative solutions for doors and access control on the regional market.

Dorma, a global partner for premium access solutions and services, has launched its new wave of innovations with the theme ‘Access to innovation’ at dorma+kaba Design Centre in Dubai, UAE. The state-of-the-art products are aimed at delighting customers through their exceptional functionality and outstanding design.

Visitors experienced the power of two giants in the industry coming together at the design centre, where products from both the brands were displayed. Experts from the two companies echoed synergies of ‘Access to Innovation’ to ‘Beyond Security’.

Dorma launched Mundus, a patch fitting for glass that offer a unique design with a wide choice of materials and finishes and intelligent installation technology; Muto, a multi-functional manual sliding door system; and Matrix Air, an iF Gold (International Forum Design) award-winner that is described as the world’s sleekest electronic fitting.

Commenting on the new range, Dorma’s Design Centre manager Ahmed Sameer says: “We are launching a new wave of Dorma innovations. These product categories infuse a fresh breath of design perspectives making Dorma stand apart in the market.”

Mundus is a ground-breaking and revolutionary design, suited for any of the standard toughened-glass assemblies, and room structures, enabling easy installation and adjustment irrespective of the application and situation. It is available in different features and finishes, particularly the glass finish that enables designers to design modern interiors.

Product marketing manager Noushath Ahamed comments: “One of the key features of Mundus is its fittings, which come with an integrated multi-dimensional adjustability, amongst others allowing for a choice of pivot points between 52 and 73 mm and a perfect alignment of the glass panels. The possible glass thicknesses range from 8 to 22 mm; the glass type used can be single panel toughened glass or laminated safety glass. With these remarkable features, Mundus offers more impressive benefits, with further enhanced safety. Mundus has been well received within the industry with positive feedback.”

dorma+kaba teams at The Big 5 stand.

dorma+kaba teams at The Big 5 stand.

Additionally, the cover dimensions and the fixings match the most common glass cut-outs encountered around the world, and this is an advantage especially when it comes to retrofitting to existing glass doors. Instead of toughened glass, Mundus can also be used on laminated safety glass (LSG) which can be made with semi-tempered glass. The German Design Council awarded the Mundus fittings the “Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2015”. The smooth, flat-fitting cap comes in stainless steel, aluminium or even glass – in various colour finishes, with a very faint dark trim that almost disappears, leaving only the impression of a shadow. There are no visible fixings to interfere with the smooth surface. The materials and colours are aligned to the general architectural trends suiting the colour scheme of every building.

Meanwhile, elaborating on the Muto door system, Ahamed says: “Muto is a compact sliding door with revolutionary features like smooth self-closing. Even if someone bangs it, the door will close very smoothly.” Muto also features electro-mechanical locking that enables wireless locking. In addition, the product also has a status indicator which is suitable for meeting rooms. It can be linked to the building management system (BMS).

For automatic sliding doors, Dorma has also launched Flex profiles. These very slender profiles give a lot of elegance to sliding doors. The product has two variants: a regular Flex profile system which has been used in prominent projects like Dubai Metro; and the Flex Green profile, an ingenious energy-saving automatic sliding door with a sleek profile system which has thermal insulation functionality. This is again unique German engineering that does not compromise on quality and has enhanced features adding to the sustainability feature of
the application.

Other launches include Matrix Air, a bespoke out-of-the-box, iF Gold award-winner, which is described as the flattest electronic fitting in the world that will be available in the region in 2016; and multi-point locking systems suitable for entrance doors.

Meanwhile, Kaba presented the Mobile Key System for hotels. This comprises state-of-the-art technology to securely issue, revoke and update digital credentials on mobile devices for an enhanced guest experience.

Kaba also displayed its complete range of security systems at The Big 5 show held in Dubai last November. The products ranged from its HSB S05 top-of-the-line half-height sensor barrier and a range of digital locks with biometric, keypad and card readers for residential use to the latest mobile access solutions for hotels.

Over 70 key decision-makers from the region attended the new products launch events at the dorma+kaba Design Centre with four lucky customers winning the Apple Watch during the raffle draw. More than 100 industry professionals visited the Kaba stall at The Big 5 show.

The events provided the opportunity for customers to experience the combined competence of both the brands with the exceptionally beneficial synergies from access solutions to comprehensive security systems – all from a single source.

The merger of the businesses of Kaba Group, headquartered in Rümlang (Switzerland) and Dorma Group, based in Ennepetal (Germany), was completed on September 1, 2015. Together, dorma+kaba are one of the top three global companies in the market for security and access solutions, with pro forma sales of over $2.03 billion and around 16,000 employees.

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