National Paints beats the heat with powerful range

May 2015

National Paints’ water-based and solvent-based systems offer high resistance to the harsh weather conditions in the region, says the leading paints company which has a network of production facilities throughout the region.

Its National Polydex (water based) and National Hypalon (solvent based) provide a flexible and elastomeric impermeable seamless membrane with excellent adhesion.

“They are highly resistant to water, moisture and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The waterproofing coatings are designed to absorb the possible thermal shocks caused by the contraction and expansion of surfaces,” says a company spokesman.

These waterproofing systems are part of National Paints’ comprehensive range of paints and coatings, which have recently been expanded with a new decorative line of products.

Expressions, as it is called, is a new family of products that creates distinctive effects on walls which accentuate and complement any decorative style.

“With a wide range of textures and styles to suit customers’ taste, the Expressions range provides all that is needed to turn any home into a work of art,” says the spokesman.

National Paints, the parent company of Sayegh Group, was established in 1969. It now ranks 34th among the world’s Top 100 paint companies in sales, 18th amongst the top 25 European companies and number one in the Middle East and Arab world in both sales and production, the spokesman claims.

With an annual production capacity of 400 million litres, it is considered one of the pioneers in the production of high-quality paints.

The company, which owns 18 paint factories worldwide, had its origins in Jordan and then moved to the UAE. The factory in Sharjah is considered the biggest in the Middle East and is specialised in paints production of all kinds. Other factories have been established in Qatar, Sudan, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – which is considered to be the second largest industrial complex of National Paints. New factories are under construction in Saudi Arabia and in Iraq. In addition, it has several showrooms in Syria, Lebanon and Armenia.

National Paints exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. Its products include building and decorative emulsion paints, which are highly resistant to rot and weather conditions; outdoor decorative paints; special-effect paints; industrial and protective coatings; marine coatings; environment-friendly powder coatings, used for galvanised and non-galvanised metal; and special paints for hospitals, operation theatres and the food industry.

In addition, it also produces furniture and wood finish coatings; automotive coatings; car refinish products (Numix); and industrial flooring, among other products. The firm also provides raw materials that mainly include resins, acrylics and polyesters.

The spokesman says National Paints constantly strives to develop products according to the needs of various markets through its qualified research and development technicians as well as through technical co-operation agreements with several international specialised firms worldwide such as Transocean of the Netherlands, Italtinto of Italy, and the US-headquartered DuPont (licence for the Teflon brand).

“As a result of these efforts, the company has obtained several international awards and certificates. It has also implemented work for major projects and buildings including hotels, airports, governmental and educational institutions, hospitals and other establishments,” he concludes.

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