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Bentley improves bridge management software

March 2015

Bentley Systems, a leading software solutions specialist based in the US, has made new advancements in its bridge inspection, management, and maintenance software.

“InspectTech, Bentley’s AssetWise bridge inspection solution, is now being used by 14 US departments of transport (DOTs) as their standard for bridge inspection. More than 200,000 bridges are now managed with InspectTech, and one in every three bridges in the US is managed though AssetWise,” says a company spokesman.

In another advancement, Bentley, under contract to Aashto (American Association of State Highway and Transport Officials), has released the new Aashto Bridge Management (BrM) software. Officially known as AashtoWare Bridge Management, BrM offers a new multi-objective analysis engine for prioritising and performing trade-off analysis for a variety of factors from condition to safety to cost-effectiveness.

“We are very pleased with the growing and positive partnership Aashto has with Bentley to develop the next generation of advanced bridge management tools,” says Judy Skeen, project manager, Aashto.

With the latest releases of these products, Bentley offers full integration between BrM and InspectTech and quick installation and implementation for DOTs meeting FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), MAP-21, and PAS 55 requirements.

Additional new capabilities, such as Web-based forms, a report designer, a bulk import tool, and intuitive graphical user interface, combine to reduce inspection time by 25 per cent.

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