SIL’s wall panelling ... an alternative to conventional materials.

SIL’s wall panelling ... an alternative to conventional materials.

Sahyadri to unveil EcoPro solutions at Big 5 Saudi

March 2015

Sahyadri Industries Limited (SIL), an India-based manufacturer of cellulose-based cement boards, will unveil its EcoPro façade solutions at The Big 5 Saudi to be held this month (March 9 to 12) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

EcoPro combines quality and improved aesthetics and has been developed to cater to the changing needs of the construction industry, said M Satyanarayana, president of Sahyadri.

It is an innovative and sustainable solution which aims to meet the standards set on all platforms of the construction sector and revolutionise the building materials industry, he added.

The product is a wood-free, lightweight and asbestos-free alternative to conventional materials and asbestos products. Based on SIL’s five decades of experience in this field, the product will provide creative freedom on a variety of applications, Satyanarayana said.

EcoPro is primarily used for wall panelling and in dry wall applications and can play a vital role in addressing the dampness experienced in buildings as a result of condensation, rain penetration or rising damp.

 “The wall panelling of EcoPro green board has the capacity to enhance air quality besides lowering the humid effect and concealing damp areas of a room,” Satyanarayana pointed out.

He continued: “Dampness tends to cause secondary damage to a building, leading to the growth of various fungi in wood, causing rot and health issues related to mould and eventually leading to sick building syndrome.

“Plaster and paint deteriorate and wallpaper loosens. Stains, from water, salts and mould, destroy surfaces. The highest concentrations of airborne mould are found in buildings where significant mould infestation has occurred, usually as a result of severe water intrusion or flood damage.”

EcoPro boards are made of cement and cellulose fibre with a blend of additives to produce a homogenous material using a unique autoclaving high-pressure steam curing technology which provides the board with high strength.

EcoPro board wall panelling has a superior finish. “The boards have fantastic moisture resistance properties, apart from possessing superior stability and impact-resistant features,” Satyanarayana said.

These boards are available in thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 18 mm with a face and rear finish.

EcoPro boards are mainly used for wall panelling and dry wall application in thicknesses of 10 to 12 mm whereas the higher thickness is used for mezzanine floor applications. These boards can also be used in antistatic floor application for server rooms. The thinner boards can be used in false ceiling applications.

SIL’s wall panelling ... an alternative to conventional materials.

SIL’s wall panelling ... an alternative to conventional materials.

According to Satyanarayana, EcoPro 12 mm is a water-resistant, fibre cement board for tiles that is fastened directly to the wooden/galvanised iron (GI) frame of a wall.

“A good tile job begins with using the right materials, and when tiling onto a wall in a wet area, there are a few important things to consider,” he said.

EcoPro cement fibre board does not allow water to pass through, is not affected by mould and maintains its shape even in high moisture conditions. Unlike other plaster boards, EcoPro boards provide a high strength bond, offering good support to the tiles or stone fixed on it.

The boards comply with BS 476 part 4,5,6 and 7 and E84 -12b in fire class and are non-combustible in nature, he added.

EcoPro is also highly suitable for all wet area applications, said Satyanarayana. The 12-mm boards are installed on wooden or GI framework so that a cavity is created between the wall and the board, allowing air to pass through and thus eliminate the risk of any bad odour.

“Tiling can be easily installed on the Ecopro board with the help of any tile adhesive available on the market or recommended by the tile company,” said Satyanarayana.

EcoPro can also be used to construct a dry wall in wet areas, he said. “These walls are non-load bearing and occupy less space compared to conventional brick masonry. A waterproofing coat of latex can be applied onto the boards before fixing tiles on it,” he concluded.

SIL offers new technologies for metropolitan, urban and rural spaces not only in India but also in South Asia, Middle East and Africa. It provides products for roofing, interior and exterior building products, security-enabled main doors, pre-engineered and hybrid building solutions, and production of non-conventional energy.

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