Qatar issues new construction specs

March 2015

A new set of construction specifications for Qatar has been issued and will take effect three months after its publication in the official gazette, a report said.

Minister of Environment Ahmed Amer Mohamed Al Humaidi issued Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS) 2014, part of which concerns the safety of workers engaged on construction sites, according to The Peninsula.

It is the fifth version of construction specifications launched last October.

The new stipulations require that all buildings being constructed are seismic and wind-proof; have entry and exit points for people with special needs; and must provide adequate insulation against sound and heat for walls and ceilings.

The specifications also refer to the age of buildings and the quality of construction materials being used, including steel, readymix and other.

The specifications say construction debris must be recycled. QCS say streetlights must be changed and use bulbs that are energy-efficient. Railways are included in QCS with a focus on quality of materials and construction.

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