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Hoppe’s Quick-FitPlus set.

Hoppe’s Quick-FitPlus set.

Hoppe launches striking door range

January 2015

HOPPE, a European manufacturer of high-end door and window hardware made of aluminium, brass, polyamide and stainless steel, has launched Hoppe Quick-FitPlus, which it describes as a logical further development of its tried-and-tested Hoppe Quick-Fit connection.

The new product allows not just the door handles but also the square or round flat roses and escutcheons to be fitted easily without screws and almost no tools, according to a spokesman for the company.

The Hoppe Quick-FitPlus sets are striking with their almost flat, flush rose design.

“Attractive flat roses and door handles with Quick-Fit connection can be fitted to the door in no time,” he says. “The roses with supporting lugs and the door handles are just fitted together on the prepared door. Self-adhesive escutcheons can also be fitted, if required. The whole set can be precisely fitted without screws within a few seconds – in renovation work, too.”

The Hoppe Quick-FitPlus sets go very well with the current trends in design.

The 2-mm-thick stainless steel roses, available in round or square shapes, appear virtually flush with the door. Depending on the door preparation, application is possible with or without key escutcheons.

“The new range of Hoppe Quick-FitPlus sets correspond to Category of Use Grade 3 and Durability Grade 7 according to Din EN 1906 and are therefore suitable for public buildings,” says the spokesperson.

“Naturally, these products with innovative technology come with a 10-year operational guarantee as do all Hoppe’s door and window handles,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Hoppe has set new hygiene standard with SecuSan door and window handles. The new range is effective against the spread of germs, as it has an antimicrobial surface that inhibits the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae and fungi.

The SecuSan surface, which contains silver ions embedded in a carrier system of ceramic glass, does not lose any of its effectiveness even when cleaned at regular intervals, according to the spokesman.

“Incidentally, the effectiveness of SecuSan has been proven in independent laboratory tests in accordance with the standard requirements of JIS Z2801:2000 and ISO 22196:2011.

“Due to the composition of the surface, the door handles offer an extremely high corrosion resistance, which corresponds to Grade 5 according to EN 1670,” he adds.

SecuSan handles come in a total of six series, each as a door handle set on rose with or without escutcheon and a matching window handle. They are available in a choice of aluminium or stainless steel.

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