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The Nile Corniche ... luxury commercial development.

The Nile Corniche ... luxury commercial development.

ViCon backs Nile Corniche

December 2014

VICON is delivering several building modelling information (BIM) solutions to one of the largest multi-purpose projects currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt.

The BIM services including implementation and management are aimed at handling the complexity and size of Qatari Diar’s Nile Corniche project, which stands 140 m tall.

The 38-storey project, located on the Nile river bank in Cairo’s busy city centre, will include a luxury hotel space, offices, several restaurants and retail areas.

ViCon teams in Essen (Germany), Doha (Qatar) as well as on site in Cairo will support the planning, coordination and monitoring of the construction with the help of detailed BIM models.

BIM processes which are being used in the project include 3D design coordination, 4D progress and cost monitoring, 4D construction programme verification and the support in model-based quantity take-off, value engineering, marketing and training initiatives.

ViCon’s building information system allows remote access to the current 3D model and information and integrates various documents in a database and therefore supports the usage of BIM.

ViCon will continue to play a key role in the project until the end of next year.

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