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Arcadis acquires two companies

December 2014

ARCADIS, one of the world’s leading natural and built asset design and consultancy firms, said it has completed the acquisition of two major construction players in the region, Hyder Consulting and Callison.

Hyder Consulting is a leader in infrastructure, water and buildings sector with activities in the UK, the Middle East, Germany, Asia and Australia and boasts a 4,600-strong workforce.

Callison, a 1,000-people high-level architectural and interior design consultancy with offices in the US, China, Europe, Middle East and Mexico, specialises in retail and office design and large mixed-use projects.

With this move, Arcadis has gained a truly global position and is now able to also deliver solutions for its clients in six out of the seven continents, including Australia.

These acquisitions will add more than €500 million ($636 million) into Arcadis’ gross revenue which soared to €3 billion ($3.8 billion).

Geographically, Arcadis’ positions in North America, the UK, continental Europe, and the emerging markets have been strengthened by the acquisitions. The deals also for the first time provide direct access to the Australian market, where Arcadis can use the existing Hyder footprint to provide a broad range of solutions to its multinational clients, as well as providing new solutions to local clients.

Arcadis said the strategic acquisitions have made it the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm with more than 28,000 talented professionals across the globe.

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