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The T36120SL pallet fork ... easy to position on any job site.

The T36120SL pallet fork ... easy to position on any job site.

Bobcat telehandlers get smarter

December 2014

BOBCAT has launched its new T35105, T35105L and T36120SL 10-12 m middle lift telescopic handlers replacing the previous five models from the T35100 to the T35120SL units.

Sharing the same, easily recognisable counterweight design and chassis in black, the new models are part of the new generation of telescopic handlers from Bobcat and incorporate many of the improvements already seen in the TL360/TL470 6-7 m and T40140/T40180 14-18 m models launched over the last 18 months.

“The advanced features include the new panoramic cab which has a large parabolic windscreen, providing panoramic visibility especially when handling loads at height,” says a spokesman for Doosan Infracore, which owns the brand. “In the cab, there is a new dashboard with digital display and ergonomic controls including a joystick with integrated forward/reverse (FNR) control for improved productivity and safety.”

The state-of-the-art electronics in the new telescopic handlers are based on CAN-bus technology, allowing smart machine management and monitoring of the main components for easier maintenance. Based around a 100-litres-per-minute gear pump, the advanced hydraulics feature an active diagnostic system which ensures that in case of hydraulic failure, the machine always remains within safe limits.

High performance is ensured by the 74.5 kW (100 hp) 410 Nm Perkins Stage IIIA or Deutz Stage IIIB diesel engines, providing plenty of power and torque even in the most difficult ground conditions, says the spokesman. The new telescopic handlers have a hydrostatic transmission, offering a maximum travel speed of 30 kmph, complemented by an inching function for smooth driving and precise positioning. The T36120SL incorporates both stabilisers and the frame-levelling system while the T35105L features the frame-levelling system.

For construction and rental applications, the new telescopic handlers feature an auxiliary hydraulic line and are supplied with a 1.12-m-wide foldable pallet forks carriage with backrest and 1,200-mm pallet forks as standard. An important safety feature is the Aggravating Movement Arrester (AMA) system, which cuts off all aggravating movements to ensure safe use within the working envelope, whatever the attachment used and the type of load (palletised or suspended) being lifted.

The T35105 and T35105L both have a maximum lift capacity of 3.5 tonnes. The working envelope has a maximum lift height of 10.29 m and a maximum forward reach of 6.88 m. The T36120SL has a maximum lift capacity of 3.6 tonnes, a working envelope with a maximum lift height of 11.87 m and a maximum forward reach of 8.2 m.

As well as the high-visibility curved front window, the new ROPS/FOPS (roll over protection system/falling object protection system) protected cab on the new telescopic handlers has a larger back window, increasing sight to the rear and a cab door with windows above and below the handlebar for optimum visibility when manoeuvring close to walls or other obstacles.

On the new dashboard, the digital display provides the operator with an easy-to-understand and quick overview of machine performance, with important information displayed such as total and job operating hours, revolutions per minute (rpm), boom angle and a continuous readout of the frame levelling angle. When the levelling function is activated, the readout on the display screen changes automatically, to show the angle of the machine to one side or the other, so that the operator is always fully aware of the working conditions.

The boom angle value showing the inclination angle of the telescopic boom is also available on the LCD screen to promote precise movements and faster work cycles for repetitive tasks.

Semi-automatic wheel alignment provides automated assistance to the operator, ensuring the wheels are always aligned when changing between the three steering modes of two-wheel, four-wheel or crabbing. The easy-to-use compact stabilisers ensure that the full capabilities of the telescopic handler can be utilised in the most confined working areas and close to walls (minimal loss of reach).

In addition, optimal steering capabilities with minimum external turning radius (3.76 m at tyres) make the machines extremely manoeuvrable and easy to position at any job site.

For maximum uptime and serviceability, active diagnostics of the hydraulic main valve monitors three critical parameters – spool position, voltage control and sensor monitoring. The system ensures that operation of the machine remains within safe limits even in the case of hydraulic failure. Light indicators on the remote control show any issues related to hydraulics and the safe operation of the machine. Stabiliser control is allowed if the boom position is safe (retracted or boom angle low).

New-generation hydraulic and electrical systems facilitate optimum performance and extended machine life. A new cooling package ensures a smooth and stable control of the hydraulic oil temperature and optimises hydraulic hose life.

The new T35105, T35105L and T36120SL telescopic handlers can be supplied with a wide range of attachments including different types of digging buckets, pallet forks and jibs.

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