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The operator cab in the F-Series ... unobstructed view.

The operator cab in the F-Series ... unobstructed view.

Case raises bar with new loaders

November 2014

Case Construction Equipment (Case CE) is setting new higher standards with the introduction of its advanced F-Series wheel loaders which offer faster acceleration, reduced cycle times, higher travel speeds and increased productivity, and a 10 per cent reduction in fuel consumption with remarkably safer operation.

“The F-Series loaders are powered by the latest advanced FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) diesel engines with common-rail technology, offering improved programmable power modes,” says Bassem Albermawy, field marketing manager in the Middle East of Case CE, a leading construction equipment manufacturer. “An optional five-speed transmission further boosts fuel savings, while improvements to the cab environment reduce operator fatigue, increasing productivity, making it ideal for aggregate and heavy-duty applications.”

The loaders have an upgraded four-mode programmable power control, offering economy, standard, auto and max settings. These provide operators with increased flexibility when matching the engine output for each task. The optional five-speed transmission with a lock-up torque converter, open differential axles and advanced system programming, contributes to the outstanding reduction in fuel consumption, he says.


Limited slip differentials are standard in both front and rear axles, providing outstanding traction in all ground conditions. The standard four-speed transmission with manual kick-down setting allows maximum traction and bucket breakout during digging and loading operations. Between loads, a dual-mode shutdown feature allows the operator to set and limit the time that the machine can idle, in five-minute increments.

“With increased power and improved tractability, a major productivity boost comes from increased bucket capacities,” says Albermawy.

For instance, the 1021F takes Case into a new size class with its 4.2 cu m standard bucket.

With greater tipping load weight and increased bucket breakout force, the 921F, 1021F and 1121F have been designed primarily for aggregate stockpiling and high-production truck-loading duties, but they are also suitable for a wide range of industry sectors. The standard capacity for the smaller machines is 2.7 cu m for the 721F and 3.25 cu m for the 821F.

Meanwhile, the award-winning Case Joystick Steering system lets operators move seamlessly between the joystick and the steering wheel for high-production operations, while the Case Power-Inch feature assists the operator in tight loading areas, regardless of engine speed, providing full power to the loader arms and bucket cylinders.

With a carry position roll back angle of 51 degrees on the 1121F and 48 degrees for the 1021F, the revised buckets provide increased load retention on load-and-carry operations. The 1021F benefits from 20 per cent larger loader arm pins, for improved productivity. The Case Ride Control system further reduces loss of material when travelling.

The 921F ... heavy duty.

The 921F ... heavy duty.

The F-Series also incorporates a number of features to ensure operator comfort; the cab offers an unobstructed view to both edges of the bucket or attachment, while a wide window and the sloping engine cover provide excellent visibility to the rear. An optional wide-angle rear view camera with an adjustable colour monitor is available in all F-Series loaders, eliminating blind spots for the operator.

In addition, the standard advanced instrument cluster allows operators to adjust various machine functions from within the cab without relying on a service technician, while ergonomically-placed controls and a new seat design with seven adjustment modes complete the cab improvements.

Case offers a range of attachments for the F-Series loaders to broaden their appeal in different market sectors. All three machines can be ordered with a standard Z-bar loader linkage or an XR long-reach arm configuration. The 521F, 621F or 721F can also be configured with XT parallel lift arms for use as a tool carrier. Pallet forks, jib booms, sweepers and a full range of buckets are available, along with weigh loading systems for production applications.

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