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The Conex range.

The Conex range.

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November 2014

Conex Bänninger, part of the IBP Group and a plumbing fittings and valves giant, will be displaying a wide range of products at its Big 5 stand this year in addition to showing visitors how quick and easy it is to use its Conex >B< Press and Conex Push fittings at its demo desk.

The stand will have IBP Group products including the Conex Bänninger brass and copper fittings as well as brass and iron valves.

“This is our fourth year at The Big 5 – each time with a bigger stand presence,” says Mano Bakhtiari, CEO of the IBP Group.

The Conex Bänninger product range is well known in the Middle East, particularly with established fitting jointing methods like Conex Compression and its extensive range of end feed fittings. The company has seen significant growth with its specialist medical gas fittings and its ACR end feed ranges.

In addition to offering traditional end feed and compression fittings, Conex Bänninger, has also developed a range of innovative plumbing fittings such as >B< Press, Copper Push-Fit and Conex Push-Fit, which offer flame-free installation solutions.

“In addition, all our medical and gas fittings are degreased to the highest medical standards and individually bagged so they stay clean throughout transportation and fitting. All are quick and easy to install, saving on costs and offer secure, long-life, leak-proof joints,” says Bakhtiari.

Conex Bänninger, which has been selling plumbing fittings and valves in the Middle East for more than 25 years, has seen its products featured in many prestigious buildings in the region including hospitals and industrial buildings. It has customers in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Bakhtiari points out that the company’s Europe-based research teams constantly scour the marketplace for new construction techniques and technologies to ensure its product ranges keep abreast of these technologies.

“For example, our products are compatible with leading renewable and advanced HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) technologies such as solar, heat pumps and high-pressure refrigeration systems. They are also designed and manufactured for a life of long service and in most instances are fully and easily recycled,” he adds.

Conex Bänninger has plans to expand its base in the Gulf and this has already included growing the number of team members based in the region this year. It is also actively looking for suitable office and showroom space with the aim of having these in place within the next 12 months.

Some seven months ago, the IBP Group opened a warehouse at Jebel Ali, Dubai in the UAE, to enable it to serve the Middle East market better. The new warehouse was set up in response to its growing product portfolio and increasing sales in the region.

“The new warehouse has already made a big difference to our distributors and customers in the region as we are able to stock a much wider range of products including brass and copper fittings as well as cast iron and ductile valves,” says Bakhtiari, adding that the warehouse has had a good impact by improving the range of products on offer as well as the speed in which the company can get these to its clients in the Gulf.

“Instead of traditional bulk orders we can now satisfy much smaller order quantities. Lead times are much shorter too as we typically ship in five to six days rather than six weeks,” he adds.

Furthermore, the warehouse is a sign of the confidence of the IBP Group and its international outlook to grow its presence and develop the Conex Bänninger brand across the region.

Elaborating on the reason behind making this investment, Bakhtiari says: “We’ve sold plumbing fittings and valves in the Middle East for over 25 years and wanted to build on this foundation to improve the product range and customer service offered to our Gulf customers.

“With sales growing in other areas such as the Indian Subcontinent, Asia and Africa, our base here will also enable us to pass on these benefits to these other markets too.”

Bakhtiari expects next few months to be “exciting” for Conex Bänninger. “We are already seeing the impact our new Dubai warehouse is having on improving the range of products on offer as well as the speed in which we can get these to our clients in the Gulf.

“We’re looking forward to expanding the warehouse operations and establishing our office and showroom,” he explains.

Conex Bänninger can be visited at Stand B71, Hall 2, UK Pavilion.

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