VIP revamps range to suit specific needs

November 2014

Voelkel Industrie Produkte (VIP), a leading system provider of superior surface protection solutions, has redesigned its QuickSpray range of waterproofing-specific products.

“Waterproofing is a large but highly price-sensitive market. High-performance solutions such as VIP’s QuickSpray range of 100 per cent pure polyureas have traditionally had problems competing with cheaper inferior options,” says a company official.

 So VIP’s research and development department was set the task of formulating a range of spray-applied instant curing flexible waterproofing membranes.

“We wanted to keep all the application benefits of our high-performance industrial products but design systems that met the specific needs of the waterproofing market,” says Alex Voelkel managing director of VIP.

“We realised that the ‘performance’ we had built into our industrial products was an overkill for the waterproofing market and that there was scope to design a specific product at a lower cost point that still provided exceptional benefits to the waterproofing market.”

VIP’s new QuickSeal range includes cartridge application systems, and low pressure and high pressure spray systems. A new low-pressure spray application unit will soon be released by VIP to cater for small- to medium-size applications reducing mobilisation costs associated with large high-pressure application equipment.

“We are very excited about the new low-cost, low-pressure application unit. It will open up a whole new market for VIP and our applicators,” says Voelkel. “Coupled with our lower cost waterproofing-specific formulations, we believe it will position VIP as an industry leader in this market.”

Elaborating on its features and benefits, he says: “VIP Quickseal can be spray applied and promises a very fast application time. It’s tack free in seconds and can be walked on in minutes. No welding of joints is required as it is seamless. The product also offers excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates, such as concrete, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, foam, etc. Other features include resistance to UV (ultraviolet light) rays, chlorine, saltwater, abrasion and impact resistance, and excellent thermal stability. It’s composed of 100 per cent solids, and is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and solvents.”

Quickseal can be used for large-scale waterproofing of commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities; high impact areas (plant rooms, trafficable roof decks); areas exposed to high wind abrasion; water features, pools and ponds; under-concrete screed waterproofing of large-scale podium decks; and bridge, street and tunnel construction.

QuickSeal PP 350 and MP 250, both high-pressure, plural component elastomeric polymers, are part of the range. When applied, Quickseal PP 350 offers an instant-curing flexible waterproofing membrane that can be built to any thickness in one application. Due to its unique chemistry, it can be applied in virtually any environmental conditions which will not negatively impact on the curing time or physical performance of PP350. QuickSeal MP 250, on the other hand, is an economical alternative to PP 350 for applications that are not subject to extreme climatic conditions.

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