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November 2014

More Mina buildings planned
The Haj Ministry in Saudi Arabia has put forward a proposal to construct multi-storey buildings to ac-commodate more pilgrims on the Mina mountains in the southeast of Makkah, an Arab News report said.

Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar proposed a state-owned company to develop the holy sites and residential buildings on the mountains home to the 4-sq-km tent city of Mina, which hosts pilgrims from around the world.

The proposed buildings will adhere to the stipulations set by the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars and the development plan for the holy sites, according to Hajjar. The proposed development will aim to solve problems such as inadequate air-conditioning, water and electricity supply and sewage services, he said.

Hajjar said the proposal has been submitted to Interior Ministry.
The company that undertakes the project will have subsidiaries for leasing and maintenance, the min-ister said, adding, project financing could be done through either public funds or commercial banks.


Jacobs opens office in Al Khobar

Jacobs Engineering Group, a leading provider of technical professional and construction services, said it has opened a new office in Al Khobar, to strengthen its support for Saudi Aramco and other key cli-ents and partners in the country.

The 5,400-sq-m campus is equipped with hi-tech telecommunications systems and includes offices for employees and cli-ents, meeting rooms, musala (prayer room) and ablution areas, and a variety of other services and resources, said the com-pany.
Jacobs recently moved 1,200 local employees and client personnel into the new office building.

The company provided complete architectural, interior design, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engi-neering, and con-struction management services for its new office space.


Jadwa fund acquires Gems

Jadwa Waste Management Opportunities Fund, a unit of a leading Saudi Arabian private equity house and investment bank, has acquired a waste management firm for $300 million.

The unit of Jadwa Investment together with its co-investment partners has bought Jeddah-based Global Environmental Management Services (Gems) to help complement industrial development with efficient waste management.

UK-based investment management firm Ashmore Group and various local shareholders have funded the acquisition.

The new partnership aims to alleviate the impact of industrial development activities on the environ-ment with sustainable waste management practices such as recycling, industrial effluent treatment and other environmental solutions.

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