Saudi Build 2014

A Royal guesthouse in Qatar ... Hydrobalance filters were used for the water features, the masterplan for which is seen below.

A Royal guesthouse in Qatar ... Hydrobalance filters were used for the water features, the masterplan for which is seen below.

Fresh approach

October 2014

CONVINCED of the high market potential for its one-of-a-kind biological filter systems in the region, Hydrobalance Vertriebs will be making its debut at Saudi Build this year to promote the unique attributes of the product.

“As far as we are aware, so far there is no other system like ours. While water treatment methods might not be a new market, our filter system definitely provides a new approach,” claims Franz Kubacek, a spokesman for the Austrian company.

Based in Vienna, Hydrobalance Vertriebs’s scope of activities includes the production and marketing of biological filter systems, filtration plants for natural water treatment of any kind of water features from 10 sq m to several thousand sq m, remediation of existing water systems as well as filtration and processing of grey water. The company also offers services including technical support with planning, and construction of filtration plants and all kinds of water features.

Commenting on the factors that have encouraged his company to exhibit at Saudi Build, Kubacek says: “The treatment of water is a major issue in the Middle East. We are looking for clients who are interested in natural treatment of water both in the private domain (for natural pools) and the public sector for the treatment of waste water or grey water for further use, such as irrigation water, and natural treatment and biological maintenance of water features in parks, green areas such as golf courses and hotel complexes.”

“Saving water as well as energy and the protection of the environment are the main priorities of Hydrobalance,” he adds.

There is growing awareness of the benefits of natural water treatment versus chemical treatment of pools, particularly in Europe, he says, adding that this is boosting demand for its products.

“The demand in the international market such as the Asian and Australian market is increasing as well,” he adds.

Hydrobalance turned to nature to develop its filter systems for pools. A spokesman for the company elaborates: “We observed nature closely, detected the processes behind it and optimised them for our own, and now for our clients’ natural pools. Using special materials, well thought-out but minimal technology and the sustainable use of natural components, the Hydrobalance filter systems offers many ‘crystal clear’ benefits.”

Citing some of these benefits, he continues: “The system produces water which is healthy and crystal clear by using gentle and energy-saving biological cleaning processes, without the use of disinfectants, inhibitors and algaecides. It also needs very little maintenance and is extremely long lasting.

“The Hydrobalance filter system achieves a maximum of efficiency with a minimum of energy. Thanks to its compact construction, the system can easily be installed even in ponds with an unusual design.

“The filter does not need any light and, therefore, can also be installed in faint light areas (such as at great depths, for underground wells and similar). It stimulates the natural purification process of your waters without chemicals or other pollutants.”

The filter consists of a fabric made of randomly arranged polypropylene and polyamide wrapping the liner of mineral wool. The filter incorporates a drainage and a collecting pipe and is covered with washed, phosphate-free round gravel (4/8 and 16/32) and partly overlaid with a Hydrobalance plant substrate.

The filters can be placed in a separate, small pond section – the skimmer pond – situated in the direction of the prevailing wind. The water is sucked in via the filters and then pumped to the opposite side of the pond via the pump to be then channelled into the pool by means of a stream, a source or a simple influx opening. Thus, a surface current is created in the prevailing direction that transports foliage and petals into the filter or the skimmer pond where they can be easily removed with a fishing net.

Hydrobalance .. filtration system inspired by nature.

Hydrobalance .. filtration system inspired by nature.

“The biological purification processes cause the transformation of microscopically small substances or solute. This is done by microorganisms, which settle at the surface and in the gaps of the run-through filter substratum. The bigger this surface, the bigger the habitat available for the microorganisms,” he explains.

The spokesman says the system works even better in a more diverse environment, since the various types of micro-organisms prefer different aquatic conditions (for example, aerobic versus anaerobic areas in the water).

Hydrobalance is the only filter system combining slow and fast filters in a joined system, the spokesman says.

In other developments, Hydrobalance has developed a system for the natural cleaning and treatment of rivers, whether natural or artificial.

Commenting on future plans, Kubacek says the company aims to expand in the Gulf region and is looking for partners as well as customers.

“We can provide an experienced and strong partner network as well as well-trained specialists to provide help and assistance right from the planning stages to the completion of the project,” he says.

Hydrobalance is working with about 250 partners all around the world.

Hydrobalance has recently worked on a big project in Qatar.

Established in 2006, the company has four senior executives as well as supervisors, technical staff and trained pond builders are employed according to the size of the project. The company has a turnover of about $1.3 million.

Hydrobalance Vertriebs will be exhibiting at Stand 206-4 at Saudi Build 2014.

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