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AMI set to showcase its portfolio at Big 5

September 2014

AL Muqarram Industry (AMI) will put the spotlight on its wide range of products at this year’s Big 5 international building and construction show in Dubai, UAE, following the acquisition of a green certificate from the US for its sealants.

The company, which enjoyed a huge success at last year’s edition of The Big 5, became the first sealant manufacturer in the region to achieve the MAS (Materials Analytical Services) green certificate from the US for all its sealants, earlier this year.

“The Big 5 is the biggest exhibition in the Middle East for construction product suppliers, buyers and service providers all under one roof in one of the most important global markets,” said a spokesman.

This year’s edition will take place at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) from November 17 to 20.

AMI’s green certification followed an emission testing programme to evaluate the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a variety of materials in relation to the industry standards.

AMI is active in various sectors such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), aluminium and glass, ducting, cladding, marble and paints and for each sector it offers specific product lines to suit the different requirements.

“Today, AMI has the ability to offer locally manufactured products for each of these market segments. We constantly assess market trends and keep updating product lines to meet the needs of customers,” he said.

Amongst AMI’s products are sealants which include acetoxy general purpose silicone sealant, high temperature sealants, neutral oxime silicone sealant, and acrylic sealants; and a wide range of tapes such as PE (polyethylene) surface protection tape, PVC (poly vinyl chloride) tape, BOPP (bioxially oriented polypropylene) tape, masking tape, aluminium foil tape, duct tape, warning tape, and jumbo rolls.

AMI’s fire-stop sealant is approved by the Sharjah Civil Defence and certified by the IFC Group. It is environment friendly and matches all the necessary requirement for green buildings and Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (Leed) certification. The range is tailored to suit the needs of local and global market requirements.

The company also markets through-penetration fire-stop systems that are intended to restore the hourly rating of fire-resistive assemblies that have been breached due to penetration by electrical, plumbing or mechanical items. Joint systems are used to prevent fires from spreading through linear openings between or within fire-resistive floor and/or wall assemblies.

“The proper use of certified products and systems helps builders and code authorities to achieve safe, code compliant installations,” said the spokesman.

AMI is now the biggest supplier of PE tapes in the region and all major aluminium composite panels (ACP) companies are using its surface protection tapes, he points out, adding that it is the “only manufacturer in the region to offer fire-rated sealants”.

The company also offers products for the powder coating market and is supplying to major players in the market segment.

Meanwhile, AMI’s research and development department is committed to meeting the needs of customers while developing new and innovative products to meet demands in a changing market.

“Our team is dedicated to enhancing technology and product range through the work and support of the technical department. The efforts, carried out in the advanced laboratory facilities, are focused on developing products to meet the needs of our customers,” said the spokesman.

AMI will be exhibiting at Stands 8 B351 and Concourse 701 at The Big 5.

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