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An artist’s impression of the museum.

An artist’s impression of the museum.

Renaissance-style city on way in Abu Dhabi

September 2014

SIREI, a group of Italian architects and builders, is planning to construct an Italian renaissance-style city in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The project, estimated to cost $30 billion, will comprise villas and golf courses stretching over 150 hectares in its Renaissance City that will house 40,000 people.

Other components of the project include a business district, a shopping centre, an Italian garden and a 10,000-sq-m mosque.

The project site has not yet been finalised and Sirei is speaking to property developers in the Abu Dhabi to find a suitable area.

Massimo Mazzi, president, Sirei, said: “Renaissance City is a project that demonstrates how Sirei brings to the world the quality of the Italian real estate industry, both under the design and the construction point of view.

Caputo Partnership International is the developer and designer of the project.

The project comprises four components. The first includes the main mosque and related services.

The second is intended to house the ‘Renaissance Museum’ and related services such as commercial facilities, dining options, showrooms, art galleries and event spaces.

The third will be a themed ‘Gallery’ and will include contemporary shopping centres, offices, residences and the ‘La Galleria Hotel.’

The fourth will be devoted to cultural, commercial and service sectors, the ‘Performing Art Design and Fashion Centre’, and will house a opera theatre, the Philharmonic Hall, music and entertainment and a food court.

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