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The 38-5 truck-mounted concrete pump ... improved kinematics and five-arm placing boom.

The 38-5 truck-mounted concrete pump ... improved kinematics and five-arm placing boom.

Putzmeister unveils new-generation pump

September 2014

PUTZMEISTER has launched a new-generation truck-mounted concrete pump that offers increased comfort during operation, profitability in daily use, flexibility when working with the machine and consistent sparing of resources.

With a gross weight of less than 26 tonnes, the new 38-5 provides great weight reserves for accessories and functional fluids. In addition, it is very easy to operate, thanks on the one hand to the very silent five-arm placing boom, even at the highest output of 160 cu m per hour, and on the other, the consistent, well thought-out ergonomics which ensure efficient working, according to Putzmeister.

A company spokesman elaborates: “Service and maintenance properties have been optimised on the 38-5 by Putzmeister thanks to even more improved accessibility and an integrated screw concept.”

“This,” he continues, “is reflected in the operating costs, which are considerably reduced due to (but not limited to) maintenance-free components, components that are less varied, for example, only three standard elbow types, and the reduced consumption of functional fluids.

“Standards such as EN 12001:2012 have been fully taken into consideration.”

The spokesman says that improved kinematics increase the working area, allowing no “dead space” to appear. Likewise, the five-arm placing boom in the roll-Z fold system displays a very low unfolding height of just 7.4 m and very good slip characteristics, ensuring minimum dimensions in the truck superstructure.


Also, the direct trigger behaviour of the boom control, the minimised boom vibrations and low weight ensure precise and comfortable working. The elaborate laying of the delivery lines and the harmonious development of the steel structure ensure this.

The spokesman says: “The 38-5 is the first truck-mounted concrete pump with Ergonic 2.0. Here, we have integrated new functions which have been tested and agreed with machine operators, as well as optimised menu guidance.”

The Ergonic blue concept from Putzmeister stands for a modern lightweight construction, the use of easily available materials and a great number of multifunctional components – all with the aim of using resources wisely, lowering environmentally damaging emissions and sparing materials.

Significant changes that can be largely attributed to the new European standard EN 12001:2012 have also been made to improve safety. Using sensors and the fully electronic control system ESC (Ergonic Setup Control), Putzmeister has been able to undertake the requisite permanent checking of the interplay between support, boom movements and pump function. In addition to the option to provide full support, the machine also offers additional different types of narrow support, for example, “K” support, “Y” support or locking the first arm. This results in maximum use of the horizontal reach for the most varied of conditions on construction sites, the spokesman points out.

A further advantage of the well thought-out support design is force deflection. This means that the machine is freestanding on its legs during operation, and forces are not transferred to the truck chassis.

“Putzmeister provides a consistently high standard of production, to the “made in Germany” level, regardless of wherever in the world the production location may be. This enables adaptation of the machines to the specific specifications of a country, while at the same time guaranteeing Putzmeister quality,” adds the spokesman.

Based in Aichtal, Germany, the Putzmeister Group develops and produces machinery of high technological quality in the fields of concrete conveying, truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, placing booms and accessories, plant technology, conveying viscous industrial materials through pipes, concrete placement and transporting excavated material from tunnels and below ground, mortar machines, plastering machines, screed conveying, injection and specialist applications. Market segments include the construction industry, mining and tunnelling, large industrial projects, power plants and sewage treatment plants, as well as waste incineration plants, all over the world.

With approximately 3,000 employees, the company achieved a turnover of roughly €680 million ($912 million) in the 2012 financial year.

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