Lighting pollution in spotlight

August 2014

MORE than 70 lighting designers, architects and engineers took part in the first edition of The Light Pollution in the Middle East 2014 held in Dubai, UAE.

The event featured key presentations from iGuzzini, a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, the UAE University and  the Society of Light and Lighting.

iGuzzini Middle East’s Sergio Padula, focused on light pollution in the manufacturing process. He highlighted the strides made in lighting manufacturing and the technological advancements in the manufacturing process of lighting fixtures.

Padula also explored the possibility of making compact, high-performance products with glare control and maximum efficiency, in addition to underscoring the importance using the right product in the right location to maximise energy conservation and the proper direction of light.

“Since its inception iGuzzini has executed an intense programme which has led to fittings and lighting systems that use technology to contain the amount of energy to reduce pollution,” said a spokesman for iGuzzini, which supports events and activities aimed at fostering education on lighting and spreading a culture of good lighting.

In the other two presentations, Dr Riad Saraiji of UAE University examined light pollution and its impact on architectural and urban lighting design while Brendan Keely of the Society of Light and Lighting elaborated on a campaign for dark skies.

Dr Riad discussed the conflict between sky glow, safety and energy efficiency. He focused on studies into the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) versus traditional light and on certain frequencies of light that potentially cause more pollution.

Keely, meanwhile,  underlined the importance of the human factor while designing a lighting scheme.

He said light should be used to enhance the atmosphere, mood and safety while maximising user comfort. Lighting should be considered, thoughtful and well planned from production to installation and ultimate use, he added.

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