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AFI inaugurated the new factory recently.

AFI inaugurated the new factory recently.

AFI opens super sucker factory in Dammam

August 2014

ALAA for Industry (AFI) has opened its new super sucker factory in Dammam.

The facility manufactures industrial vacuum loaders which are used for sucking sludge and dry materials such as sand and pebbles from a long distance and from deep pits.

The factory was inaugurated by the chairman and owner of AFI Ibrahim Ali Al Rashoodi along with the CEO Brian O’Sullivan, executive director Youseff Ibrahim Ali Al Rashoodi, finance director Hussain Al Raee, general manager for supply chain Imad Haidar and officials and dignitaries from other companies.

The new facility, which covers a total area of 1,134 sq m, has been designed for the assembly of mobile equipment for super suckers. It is expected to produce at least 30 units of industrial vacuum loaders per year.

“We have adopted a lean manufacturing process in this new facility,” said Amjad Ali Khan, factory manager. “We have divided the facility into nine bays; it has a process map of assembly where each bay has its designated activity lined up.”

The lean process enables the company to improve product quality, reduce lead time and speed up productivity.

In addition, AFI has added a complete line of SKF bearings and Ingersoll Rand hoists and winches to further improve and strengthen its maintenance and onsite services.

O’Sullivan commented: “Our strategy in the next two years will focus on our transportation business, maintenance solutions and onsite services.”

AFI saw its revenue increase by 14 per cent last year as compared to its 2012 performance, with its overseas branches in Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait having contributed 17 per cent of the company’s total revenue.

The company’s transportation products account for 45 per cent of the total revenue.

At present, the company has a total of 18 branches, 14 of which are located in Saudi Arabia and four overseas.

Staffed by more than 1,200 employees, AFI provides a wide range of products including hydraulics, pneumatics, hoses and fittings, transportation equipment, sealing solutions, foundation equipment, weighing and lifting, and industrial equipment. It has designated product managers for every product it represents, overseeing commercial and technical aspects for their area as well as conducting onsite training for customers.

The company aims to continue to support and provide total solutions to the industry.

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