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Halabi villa ... features Reynaers’ CP 155-LS.

Halabi villa ... features Reynaers’ CP 155-LS.

Sensity has both green and aesthetic values

June 2014

Reynaers Middle East is unveiling its latest “green” product Sensity – a highly insulated premium aluminium/wood system for windows – on the Lebanese market at a premier construction, building and environmental technology exhibition in Beirut this month (June 3 to 6).

The product not only provides effective insulation but is also an eco-friendly alternative for those who seek to have a wood finish, says Ali Khalaf, managing director of Reynaers Middle East, the regional office of Reynaers Aluminium, a Belgium-based aluminium systems provider.

The company’s participation at Project Lebanon comes as part of efforts to step up its penetration in the Lebanese market, where it is aggressively targeting residential and mid-range projects.

“Reynaers has executed some high-rise towers in Lebanon, where the demand is focused on aesthetic products, for example, large sliding doors and folding doors which provide an expansive view of the beautiful environment the country is well-known for,” says Khalaf.

Sensity, which combines a durable exterior with an aesthetic interior, perfectly fits this bill, he adds.

“Sensity, based on the technologically refined CS 86-HI system, provides the best guarantee for a comfortable interior climate. The thermally insulated aluminium frame ensures durability, wind- and water-tightness and the acoustic performance of windows,” says Khalaf.

The durable aluminium exterior provides perfect, long-lasting protection against all weather conditions, while the specially designed connection between the aluminium on the outside and the wooden frame on the inside eliminates the risk of deformation due to temperature and humidity, he says.

Sensity ... well insulated.

Sensity ... well insulated.

Sensity can accommodate large dimensions – up to 2,600 mm in height, and panes weighing up to 180 kg, Khalaf says, adding that the window system is perfectly suitable for different architectural creations. “The aluminium on the outside allows you to personalise your windows by selecting from more than 100 possible RAL colours, from 60 structural Coatex surfaces or even give it a wooden look, while maintaining the ultimate low-maintenance properties of the aluminium,” he points out.

There is a choice of three types of high-quality natural wood to match the building’s interior – bleached oak (modern), tobacco (cozy) and wenge (luxury). To give an exquisite finish to the Sensity window, Reynaers offers the Purity design handle.

At Project Lebanon, Reynaers will also showcase a wide range of other products aimed at the Lebanese market, including the CP 130 Pa sliding system; CP 155-LS (Concept Patio 155) sliding system; CP 45 Pa, non-insulated sliding system; CW 50-SC (Structural Clamped) curtain walling system; ES (Eco System) 50, a well-insulated system for inward and outward opening windows; and ES 45 Pa, a non-insulated system for inward and outward opening windows.

This year, Reynaers has launched a number of cutting-edge product ranges including the Hi-Finity sliding door and Purity handles.

“All of these new product variants cater to high-end residential or commercial projects and have been specially developed to suit the needs for a luxurious ambiance, which is reflected in the entire structure of the house or apartment being built.”

A sample of the Hi-Finity sliding door will be showcased at Project Lebanon where customers and visitors can see the “door with an infinite view in its original form – functional and sliding”.

Elaborating on the product, Khalaf says: “The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This fully transparent and accessible sliding door seamlessly extends the interior space of a house to the outdoors. And despite the minimal visual sidelines, the system’s high strength allows Hi-Finity to carry the weight of a large glass pane of up to 500 kg. This, in combination with the high energy performance and the minimalistic look, makes this product the best solution for low-energy contemporary architecture.”

Reynaers systems have been installed on a number of projects in Lebanon recently including the Majestic Tower, a 22-storey tower featuring the CP 130 Pa system, which caters to the need for large sliding doors with robust technical characteristics while being economically viable.

An additional benefit of the system is that it can be used in combination with Ventalis, an innovative and controllable ventilation system with a self-regulating airflow that can seamlessly be integrated in windows or sliding doors.

Hi-Finity ... expansive view.

Hi-Finity ... expansive view.

“The fabrication and transportation are simplified further because all configurations are combined in one single design. The optimised threshold solution and the possibility to use thicker glass with a weight up to 300 kg, underline the contemporary characteristics of CP 130Pa,” says Khalaf.

Another notable project for Reynaers in Lebanon is the El Telleh 2550 luxury apartment building, the design of which is characterised by sharp, clean lines expressed through high-quality finishes. “A selection of the finest stone, aluminium and wood with a careful attention to detail combines to accentuate the building’s contemporary feel. Reynaers’ CP 50 is used in this project and addresses the project’s requirements in terms of safety, security, insulation and looks all in one,” he says. Mona El Hallak is the architect for this luxury building.

The Shalimar and Halabi villas are two distinctive housing projects which also showcase Reynaers’ strengths in the residential sector in this region. The CP 155-LS, used in both these villas, has proved to be the perfect solution to meet the client’s vision of bringing the exterior into the interior of villas, Khalaf says.

CP 155 is a thermally insulated sliding system with a vent weight up to 400 kg and height up to 3 m. “The sophisticated concept fulfils the user’s high expectations for optimum quality, high insulation and ease of operation. The new and improved system can be upgraded with high insulation that can be applied to all CP 155 variants to achieve even better insulation values,” he says. “The system is available with a low threshold that creates a perfect continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces and improves the accessibility to the building.”

CP 155, which can be used for large spans, is provided with an aesthetic middle section and is also available with automatic opening solutions for maximal comfort. Moreover, this system can be combined with the Ventalis system. In addition, a variant of the CP 155 monorail has received the Swiss Minergie label, a quality label for new and refurbished low-energy-consumption building components.

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