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The Sensity fits dimensions of up to 2,600 mm  in height.

The Sensity fits dimensions of up to 2,600 mm in height.

Luxury systems

May 2014

GIVEN the boom in the Saudi construction sector, Reynaers Middle East is targeting the largest economy in the region in a more focused way, armed with a number of luxury systems designed to meet the needs of the market.

The latest product added to its arsenal is Sensity, a highly insulated premium aluminium/wood system for windows that combines a durable exterior with an aesthetic interior.

“Sensity, based on the technologically refined CS 86-HI system, provides the best guarantee for a comfortable interior climate. The thermally insulated aluminium frame ensures durability, wind- and water-tightness and the acoustic performance of windows,” says Ali Khalaf, managing director of the Reynaers Middle East, the regional office of Reynaers Aluminium, a Belgium-based aluminium systems provider.

The durable aluminium exterior provides perfect, long-lasting protection against all weather conditions, while the specially designed connection between the aluminium on the outside and the wooden frame on the inside eliminates the risk of deformation due to temperature and humidity, he says.

A cross section.

A cross section.

Sensity can accommodate large dimensions – up to 2,600 mm in height, and panes weighing up to 180 kg, Khalaf says, adding that the window system is perfectly suitable for different architectural creations. “The aluminium on the outside allows you to personalise your windows, by selecting from more than 100 possible RAL colours, from 60 structural Coatex surfaces or even give it a wooden look, while maintaining the ultimate low-maintenance properties of the aluminium,” he points out.

There is a choice of three types of high-quality natural wood to match the building’s interior – bleached oak (modern), tobacco (cozy) and wenge (luxury).

To give an exquisite finish to the Sensity window, Reynaers offers the Purity design handle.

This high-quality handle combines next-generation materials and mechanical properties with the superior Italian design abilities of designer Leo de Carlo, who previously worked in the studios of Philippe Starck. Purity handles are available in three standard colours (Sapphire Black, Moonlight White and Lithium), while five more colours are available on demand (Or, Obsidian, Polaris, Eclipse and Belgian Chocolate).

Meanwhile, another high-end product being targeted at the Saudi market is the Hi-Finity door, a new sliding door offering an “infinite” view.

Khalaf ... Saudi focus.

Khalaf ... Saudi focus.

“The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This fully transparent and accessible sliding door seamlessly extends the interior space of a house to the outdoors,” says Khalaf. “And despite the minimal visual sidelines, the system’s high strength allows Hi-Finity to carry the weight of a large glass pane up to 500 kg. This, in combination with the high energy performance and the minimalistic look, makes this product the best solution for low-energy contemporary architecture.”

Khalaf says Saudi Arabia has been a promising market for Reynaers, which recently participated in The Big 5 Saudi held in Jeddah. At the exhibition staged in March, the company promoted its new products alongside its existing range.

Reynaers’ current portfolio of products which were showcased at the event include:

CW 50 SL and CW 50 SG: Both variants of Reynaers’ aluminium curtain-wall system, which provide virtually unlimited architectural freedom. The use of this curtain-wall in the façade helps maximise on daylighting, creating a pleasant working environment, says Khalaf.

CW 86 EF SG: This curtain-wall system is built using a traditional stick structure or unitised system which can be completely pre-assembled in the workshop, thus speeding up work on the building site.

CP155 LS (Concept Patio 155): A premium insulating slide and lift-slide system, designed to maximise on glazed areas, while enhancing the comfort of occupants. The lift-slide system allows the creation of glazed doors of large dimensions and weighing up to 400 kg.

The Purity design handle ... complementing Sensity.

The Purity design handle ... complementing Sensity.

CS 68 So (Concept System 68): A universal window system, offering good performance in terms of stability, thermal insulation and security.

CW 60 Solar: This aesthetically-pleasing, high-tech, green energy solution is described as being ideal for wall and roof application. The totally insulated system has been designed to avoid shadow on the cells and can handle all three types of photovoltaic (PV) panels: mono- and poly-crystalline, and amorphous cells.

CF 77 Concept Folding: Since its launch on the market two years ago, this folding system has grown in popularity across the Gulf, particularly for top restaurants and high-end villas. The standalone solution comprises new profiles, accessories and insulation technologies that have been specifically designed for folding systems. It ensures high insulation values that meet stringent legislation requirements as well as market demands well into the future.

Reynaers has supplied to many major projects in Saudi Arabia including the Al Khair Tower, which is expected to be completed shortly. This project employs a bespoke aluminium systems solution using more than 18,000 sq m of the CW 50 SC curtain-walling and more than 21,000 linear m of BS 100 sun screening.

“The design of Al Khair Tower is one of a kind in Saudi Arabia with integrated LED (light emitting diode) lighting within the louvres, while the sun screening covers the entire building in a unique manner,” explains Khalaf.

Hi-Finity ... an “infinite” view.

Hi-Finity ... an “infinite” view.

Another project where Reynaers has supplied a CW 50 variant is the Prince Khaled Faisal commercial and office building in Jeddah. The project incorporates the CW 50-HL series of curtain-walling solution, which is an energy-efficient sun-screening variant of the façade system offered by Reynaers.

“The CW-50-HL (Horizontal Lining) is a CQ-50 variant in which a sun-screening solution is integrated into our existing curtain-walling solution. This is achieved through the positioning of individual horizontal covering profiles,” says Khalaf.

Other recently completed projects in the kingdom include the waterfront Bay La Sun Hotel, the biggest luxury hotel in the Bay La Sun District at King Abdulla Economic City in Rabigh. Reynaers’ CW 50, CW 50-HL, CW 50-SC and CS 59-PA systems have been installed at this project.

Reynaers Middle East is part of Reynaers Aluminium, a leading European specialist that develops and markets innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walling, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

Established in 1965 and headquartered in Duffel, Belgium, Reynaers has offices in more than 30 countries. Besides offering an extensive range of standard solutions, the company also develops solutions that are tailored to individual projects.

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