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Wolffkran enters the UAE crane market

March 2007

Crane manufacturer Wolffkran has entered into a joint venture with the UAE’s Kanoo Machinery to sell and hire out high-quality cranes in the UAE.

The new venture called Wolffkran Arabia began operations early this year from a sales office in the capital, Abu Dhabi and already has plans to expand and open further offices in the emirates. It also aims to add 15 new cranes to its fleet this year.
Based in Switzerland, Wolffkran is a leader in the field of extremely high cranes for large building sites and will be providing the region’s youngest fleet of cranes for hire.
“The contract is an important milestone for Wolffkran in the Arabian market,” says Wolffkran managing partner Dr Peter Schiefer. “We’re proud to have teamed up with the Kanoo Group, a partner with a broad and solid base in the Middle East. We will be offering our 150 years of experience in crane building to our clients in the UAE and across the region. Top-class engineering from German workshops and an excellent regional sales infrastructure amount to a perfect combination.”
Kanoo Machinery, a subsidiary of the Kanoo Group, began its operations in the mid-1960s. Today, Kanoo Machinery is one of the leading sales partners for major international building plant manufacturers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen. It deals in a broad spectrum of plant and machinery ranging from mobile cranes and forklift trucks to compressors and heavy lifting devices.
“We couldn’t have wished for a better partner,” says Mishal Kanoo, deputy chairman of the Kanoo Group. “Wolff products have won official recognition as very efficient and extremely high quality tools. They perfectly complement our portfolio in the crane sector. The sale and hire of the red Wolff cranes are very promising areas of business for Kanoo Machinery.”
 Wolffkran’s joint venture with Kanoo, a year after the company was taken over by the partnership of Dr Peter Schiefer and Dr Hans-Peter Koller, marks another considerable step forward in Wolffkran’s process of internationalising its operations.
The collaboration in late October last year between Wolffkran and Kanoo Machinery at the Big 5 Show in Dubai was, for both companies, the first step down the road of joint marketing operations.
 Wolffkran’s reference projects such as London’s Wembley Stadium, Vienna’s airport and Berlin’s new main railway station were instrumental in bringing this joint venture into being.

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