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Danogips unifies its marketing strategy

February 2001

Danogips acoustic gypsum ceilings will now be marketed under a common trade name of Danoline, on all markets worldwide.

The move is in line with Denmark-based Danogips' strategy of introducing a new generation of marketing tools this year - both through catalogues and on the Internet, according to Leif Pedersen, export manager.

''Due to its high level of know-how in manufacturing high-grade gypsum boards, Danogips has been able to develop high-quality acoustic gypsum ceiling systems which, for the last 35 years have been manufactured and marketed under the name of Danogips,'' says Pedersen.

Danogips, established in 1936, now has factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. It has been exporting its high-quality gypsum boards to the Middle East since 1975, and in 1997 set up a sales and marketing division in the UAE, Danogips Middle East.

Turning to the Danoline range, Pedersen says: ''Danoline ceilings are already widely used by architects in the Middle East thanks to their many good qualities and properties - most of which are well known to these professionals.

''Danoline ceilings offer these properties because they are made from natural gypsum, Ca2SO4 2H2O - the fire resistance of which is already well-documented in drywall systems. The gypsum functions as a build-in sprinkler system due to the natural content of chemically-bound water in the gypsum molecules. The gypsum cannot sustain temperatures exceeding 100 deg C.

''Secondly, as gypsum is a natural material, Danoline ceilings have been able to achieve the new Indoor Climate Certification, which guarantees that they are environment-friendly, and can be used in all types of construction including hospitals and clinics, where high health standards are required.

''Danoline ceiling systems are also very popular with architects both due the design versatility of the ceiling system and the huge possibilities offered through the combination of systems, sizes, shapes, colours and functions.''

A high acoustic performance is also demanded by today's construction projects. Professional designers are well aware that the design also has to take acoustics into consideration to obtain the best and most pleasant interior environment, he points out.

Danoline products can be installed where the sound-insulation criteria have to be met - both as acoustic ceilings and as integrated sound-absorbing panels in walls or plasterboard ceilings.

Danogips has provided acoustic estimation and allocation recommendations for professional consultants for projects such as the new Emirates Towers in Dubai.

The Danoline ceilings are manufactured in Denmark under controlled production processes outlined in ISO 9001, thus assuring professional consultants, contractors and the client, that the quality of the products from Danogips meets high specifications.


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